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HHC has been scaled across whole Bhutan country on 2nd May with 60 ambulances spread...
HHC has been successfully launched across Thimphu region and delivering Emergency...

Health Help Center has been operational & accessible to whole Bhutan country since...

Emergency Response Service
Statistics on 30-07-2016
   Total Serviced Calls 30   
   Emergency Calls 11    
   Enquiry Calls 9   
   Duplicate Calls 0    
   Hospital To Hospital Transfer 10   

Background of HHC

Health Help Center (HHC) is an initiative under the Accelerating Bhutan’s Socio-economic Development (ABSD) program with performance compact signed by the Ministry of Health with the Prime Minister of Bhutan on December 12, 2009. HHC set-up and operation has been outsourced through open competition to the vendor consortium consisting of Regal Information Technology from Bhutan, ProCreate Techno Systems and Equant Technologies from India.


Why HHC?

Significant shortage of Healthcare professional on a 24x7 basis: There are only about 12-13 healthcare professional per 10,000 population in Bhutan which is much lesser than WHO benchmark of 23 per 10,000 population.

Limited Access to Healthcare facility and long lead time involved in reaching for professional care: Most recent study on access to healthcare facility in rural and urban region of Bhutan by Ulrika in 2009 show that 40% of population is more than 1 hour walk away from closest modern healthcare facility.

Citizen Online Service
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Registration for New Citizen
Complaint Response Services
Service Provider Sign In
Online Medical Services
Doctor Sign In
Healthcare Helpline Service
Statistics on 30-07-2016
   Total Serviced Calls 0
    Medical Advice 0
    Counselling 0
    Information Provider 0
    Complaint Logger 0
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